Imagining life without wireless technology today or in the near future is quickly becoming impossible. From mobile phones, televisions, game consoles, wireless routers to office equipment and communication devices, most machines you use today are shifting towards wireless technology. Wireless Fidelity popularly known as WiFi is a delight to most gadget owners today as it not only affords them their so much desired connectivity; it puts them at the forefront of fun and productivity.

Although having a world less clogged by wires is a good thing, it comes with its costs. Studies have shown wireless technology may heavily affect the health of users. Wireless devices emit radiations that help it communicate with other devices without the help of cables. Sustained interactions with wireless devices can cause long-term health disorders like cancer, mutations, autism among others. Some short-term effects of continued exposure to wireless devices may affect the effective functioning of the brain, sleeping cycle, body aches and so on. While it may be difficult to abandon wireless devices completely, there are steps you can take to reduce your exposure to its harmful effects. Here are 10 measures you can take you to mitigate the radiation from wireless technologies.

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