How to Download Unblocked Games on Android Phones Using Apps

Thanks to the resolution of their increasingly larger screens and better graphics. Mobile phones have become a very good alternative to play at our favorite levels. Replacing the tablet and even computers and consoles. Now We can play with our smartphone anytime, anywhere. And although there are very good graphic and free adventure stories  for Android and iOS. Sometimes they fall short and we want the full version or we want the payment but without paying. For this there are somewhat alternative ways that will allow you to have an app to download Paid apps for free. Dare to discover how.

Best 3 Apps to Download Unblocked Game Apps for free:

For security, we recommend you  NOT to install apps from pages other than official stores  ie Google Play and App Store. Downloading and installing an application in .apk format or other formats on your computer or mobile phone is a high risk and can lead to infection by a virus. Malware or the installation of other malicious programs without prior warning. The most sensible thing is not to visit any web page or download any app whose origin is suspicious. Even in those cases where the page or application seems reliable and there is no apparent danger. We cannot guarantee your security completely . It is important that you be very careful at all times. Even there are many unblocked games which people does know and they are unblocked in the playstore from long time. Many unblocked games like Electric Man 2 Unblocked, run 3 unblocke and tank trouble. You can even download these games for free without having any issues.

Aptoide or  Blackmarket:

Finding an app to download unpaid games on Android is not an easy task. The Play Store (Google Play) does not want to lose money, obviously. For this there are markets for alternative applications such as the Blackmarket or Aptoide totally safe so far. Although you always have to be careful and be a bit smart when it comes to downloading. In Aptoide and Blackmarket you will  find apps that are not available in the Play Store of your country for free. We leave the two direct links for you to install them on your Android device. Even you can download many unblocked games for free from these apps.


Another app to download free games on Android phones (iOS makes it a bit more difficult although it is not impossible, as you will see below). 4shared is an application to download free movies on PC and mobile, music and all kinds of files. Including mobile payment apps. Thanks to its powerful search engine you can find the .apk files (extension of mobile applications) and install them directly on your mobile. Be careful , because you may find malware in these contents. So make sure you pass the antivirus before installing anything. Avoid disappointments!


Buying free paid games from Google Play has never been so easy. And is that AppBounty is a tool with which you can go accumulating points and credits by doing different tasks. Ssuch as downloading apps, trying games or watching videos.  And how it works? The answer is very simple. The more tasks you complete, the more points you will earn. Then as you accumulate profits. You can redeem the credits obtained by free codes and gift cards that you can use to buy free apps for Android or get extra items from many games. Such as Power for the Electric Man 2 Unblocked Game.


So these are the best apps to download free apps and unblocked games for free without any cost. You can Simply use these apps to download your favorite electric man games for free and even some best paid apps as well. Hope you like the article. Enjoy your day with these free apps.